Fulbright Away…

One of the things that has kept the last six weeks busy around here has been drafting a Fulbright Grant proposal. I was fortunate to get my initial draft for both Personal & Research proposals reviewed by the on-campus advisor, to point me in the right direction and suggest ways of tightening up the prose.

The catch is I am seeking a grant for Creative Writing… that falls under the “Arts” category (thankfully), but it was damned difficult to find any models to give me a hint how to approach drafting the Research proposal when the goal is a novel (I found some dance or film concepts, but I think novels involve a more self-intensive learning curve, and are harder to quantify – are more subjective – than other visual and physical art forms. Maybe I’m just too much inside my own head there, but that’s the headspace I was drafting from.)

It didn’t help that I lost track of the deadline over the past week, thinking it wasn’t until Friday when it was actually today, which led to all sorts of “oh, crap” thinking over the past two days to make sure all of my stuff was squared away, and following up on letters that hadn’t arrived yet.

But away it has been sent, with about two hours to spare. Now, the wait is on for January to arrive when I will find out if I move to the advanced rounds for consideration.

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