Viable Paradise: Day 5


By comparison to all of the other days, this one was quiet. Collegiums all day. Debra Doyle in the morning, talking about research (the act of, and opportunities for), followed by Patrick Nielsen Hayden discussing publishing (the history of how the SF/Fantasy market has evolved). The afternoon was more of an open floor, where any last minute issues that may have previously slipped minds of the faculty earlier in the week were able to be brought up, or fielding lots of questions from us, the students.

Dinner was leftovers, and several people spun off for their own adventures. Macdonald took a group out to watch the sun set over the water. Some of them later went in to town (after returning and having dinner) to find some ice cream. At some point, there was a lot of packing going on as we prepared to leave the next day.

The Steve’s (Brust & Gould) as well as Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden took up musical residence in the downstairs room – guitars, some banjo, Gould on harmonica, and songs. Lots of songs. They played until close to one in the morning, I heard. I didn’t make it, I bowed out before midnight.

The mood was a joyful somber, happy we had the experience, happy that we had survived, but sad that the moment was coming to an end…

More on that in another post…

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