Viable Paradise: Day 3


Wednesday is designed as a half-day for a number of reasons. First, the obvious – we had stories to write for Thursday. Just as obvious, it’s a good time to allow for a breather, so we, as students, have a chance to process some of what we’ve been getting.

Workshops in the morning (the last round), lecture, then break at noon to call it a day.

This was the day for my story to be workshopped, I had Elizabeth Bear and Patrick Nielsen Hayden as the faculty. I made a comment to my group after we finished that being critiqued on a Wednesday, while good, is not as immediate of an impact as if it had been Monday, having already had the two one-on-ones (which, in my story’s case, meant some things I had been told on Monday were already being considered by the time the group got to me on Wednesday to tell me very similar items). Understand, I appreciate their feedback on what they were given, but after my Monday one-on-one I was already (mentally) working on how to redraft/restructure the story. Their feedback drove the point home that the story would need to be overhauled significantly.

Not a bad thing. However, Bear said earlier in the week that most of the goal behind the workshop isn’t to fix the one story, it’s to adjust the thinking to apply skills to future stories. [It’s just fixing this one becomes a side benefit, if it can work… my thoughts.]

The lecture of the day was from Elizabeth Bear on the subject of Point of View. The quick version: it fixes everything. [Longer version, attend for yourself.]

A fair gaggle of us walked into town with Steve Gould where we ate at Linda Jean’s PlaceĀ for lunch. Afterwards, Steve took us on a small walking tour of a Methodist Revival Camp (one street over from where the restaurant was), before we walked back to the Inn for some writing.

For the record: I started and restarted about three ideas before taking a short nap to let things stew. Naps, like POV, can often fix things. At least, it helped me rethink how I wanted to proceed.

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