Viable Paradise: Day 2 (amendment)

One of the things that I realize that I left out of my previous “Day 2” post was a mention about my second one-on-one session… this one with Teresa Nielsen Hayden. Working with her was a much different experience from working with Macdonald, and here’s why.

As mentioned before, Macdonald focused on the story itself, and plotting. In my time with Teresa, she did what I later heard referred to as her “parlor trick” – line/copy editing the manuscript. In the span of about forty-five minutes, with conversation, we went through about eight pages with a focus on trimming the word count and tightening up the prose.

As was later explained, the idea is more for us to see that it’s not a difficult process (as long as we can get out of our way), but to also see how a few changes can make the work that much tighter.

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