iOS 6… pre-thoughts

So the OS has officially gone live and should be available for download… I plan on “borrowing” the MC’s iPad (the one that I got through my MFA program) to upgrade it this evening and give it a test drive. Also, with the iPhone 5 due to be released in just a few days, I plan on using that iPad to get a feel for some of the improvements before I brave the wilds ofthe local Verizon store. Yes, I do plan on trying to camp out and at least play with a demo model at some point over the weekend.

I did not pre-order (I still have an Unlimited Data plan, and want to keep it,which, it turns out, requires some interesting hoops – nay, minefields – to consider), so while I may try to get one this weekend, I am also going to be realistic and guess that it may potentially be a couple of weeks before supply & demand levels balance out.

Once I’ve had some time to tinker, expect some impression here…

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