Quick and Dirty on the 5

So the iPhone 5 was just announced (yes, I followed a couple of live feeds to get specs and other news). My take? I thought you’d never ask…

I plan to upgrade… I had wanted to get an iPhone before (which I’ve mentioned), but having just switched to a Droid scant months before iPhone arrived on Verizon, I wasn’t about to pay that kind of money to break the contract. Now that my contract is up, I’m good to go, and the timing just works this time (I’ve actually been holding off, waiting for the 5 to be official, instead of just getting the 4S). And yes, I’ve already talked with MC about it and she has granted permission.

The good:
The integration. Using a Mac now for the past few years, now that Mountain Lion has come out, the transferrability of information between devices (courtesy of the cloud), I can actually use just one calendar system and not have things listed in a half dozen different places. MC and I have already started merging to a shared schedule – something that once we get fully ironed out will have things make a lot more sense.

The camera will be an upgrade for me, coming from a 5MP on the Droid. More storage – since the Droid is still mostly factory with the 8GB-ish card that came with it. Actually using it, and the data plan (I managed to get in when Verizon was still doing Unlimited, and I aim to do everything I can to keep it!). I’ve only gotten a handful of apps for the Droid, all of them free, but short of web browsing haven’t really pulled much data. I don’t want to drop a lot of money on apps that are singular device options (anything from Apple I can at least flip onto an iPad, or Touch, so 1 purchase = multiple locations to run it). GPS integration/Apps – means I will finally (seriously) look into apps for running/cycling (see previous line).

The not-so-good:
Dock connector change. Kind of a “meh” issue in a micro sense (it’s main purpose is as a phone, that just happens to be able to do a lot of other things), and I plan to use it as such – not directly docking it to anything (aka – speakers, or the car), but it does make it frustrating in a macro sense that all previous cords become obsolete. In other words, I can’t just carry around a spare cord and USB wall charger (from the several I already have) – I will have to make sure I carry the new cable as well. Or pay $29 for the adapter. Not a huge issue, just an annoyance.

I’m not overly sold on the Facebook integration, handy, but not something I would consider a must have.

iOS 6. While I like most of it, and can appreciate the upgrades (Passbook will be interesting to play with), I have several devices that are about to be left in the dust and unable to upgrade. I understand new OSs need better hardware to run well, I just see a point when some of the current apps may be “upgraded” to a point where they will not run on 5.1, which would really outmode the device more than the dock connector change.


So, yeah… the big dilemma I’ve bee struggling with for the last couple of months as I’ve pondered the upgrade? should I go with a 16 or a 32GB? Only a few days left to ponder…

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