First Draft… an Update

Still Drafty…

An update on how things are going with the MFA… The “semester” class officially started last Monday. Too early to call, or make any firm comments, but I’m already working on reading the second (of about 7) books that will be discussed during the semester (I’ll post the reading list, and some of my opinions, later).

The more important thing, though, is the Work in Progress. The Thesis Project. The novel.

The way the program is built, there are six residencies (held in January & June each year). The idea is that for the first four, the novel is drafted (for a mystery: about 100 pages per semester), then revised and refined over the last year. Each semester is broken down into four “Writer’s Deadlines” – each a month apart (starting with the first, 1 month after the Residency ends). In theory, the first three deadlines could see the raw pages, with the fourth being a revision of all those pages.

We just passed the 2nd deadline, and I am sitting at about 50 pages. My goal is to still hit (if not exceed) the 100 page mark by this time next month. With Viable Paradise landing not too long after the next deadline, I need to make sure I stay on track so I can spend some time with editing while on the flights and during layovers – in addition to adding new pages.

Just so you know.

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