Promoting a different sort of “Rush”

No, it’s not THAT one…. This one:

Right. I saw part of the trailer last night during something for Shark Week on Discovery, and my curiosity was piqued. I found myself watching more the commercials, hoping to see the tailer again. Not seeing it again, looked it up online (which took a while, since I only half-caught the name of the movie. It took a trip to IMDB to actually get the name stuck in my head.)

Why I am enamoured enough to promote it: Well, I’m intrigued wnough to want to see it, isn’t that enough?


Okay, here’s why I want to see it, maybe that will help.

It involves cycling. In a city. With Bike Messengers.

Not feelin it? Weirdo.

How’s this one for you – it looks like an action packed thriller.

Meh, trailers are supposed to make it look intense. What else you got?

How about Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the starring role? Honestly, that’s what sealed the deal for me, what elevated it to a “take the movie seriously” position. I’ve generally been impressed with his choices for roles, and the variety of films he’s been involved with.

But I’d be only telling half of the truth if I didn’t also tell you this. I have been kicking around a very similar kind of story for the past few years. Not the same story, mind you, but similar enough that I am excited to see the movie as a proof-of-concept of sorts, that my own idea is viable. I want to see the movie as an act of research, to see how its beats work, how it’s structured, and pick up more of the Messenger culture – especially for today’s world (since my other Messenger go-to – Kevin Bacon’s Quicksilver – predates cell phones, for example).

So, there you go… one of the many movies lately that I would like to see.

Note to the future, when my project DOES finally come around – the only similarities I see between the two is the involvement of/in Bike Messenger culture, and the mystery/thriller style of pacing. The plotting/inciting events and nature of the protagonist appear to be quite different – and I want to make sure they stay that way.
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