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[Originally written 6/14/2007]

Brian thought back to their first date. He was attracted to her, and he always remembered her smile and the way her eyes seemed to dance in the candlelight, but it was something that she had said late in the conversation that stuck him. Now, two years later, he realized she had warned him, but he was to smitten to care.

¬†“I’m going to disappoint you,” Jamie had said. “But you knew that already.” She said it so matter-of-factly, like the recounting a box score – Celts beat the Lakers, Cubs over the A’s, Barbaro by a nose, and I’m going to disappoint you.

¬†Brian remembered starting at her for a moment after that, caught in the awkward moment that the statement commanded. She smiled back, tilting her head slightly to her right. Her soft blonde hair shifted more onto her shoulder, a tuft of locks falling around her face. Brian couldn’t help but tell her how beautiful she looked, the comment momentarily forgotten.

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