Forget Big Brother, Twitter is Listening

The world is ripe with ideas for a writer. Have you ever been in a public place and privy to some couple’s “private” drama – the loud voices, the “making a scene” kinds of moments? The trainwrecks that you can’t help but listen to or watch (only to get the “What are you looking at?” response)?

In this day and age, the daily concern shouldn’t be so much if Big Brother is watching, but whether someone around you is tweeting the explosion of ass-itude that is being displayed in a public space. (Note: you want a private conversation, have it at home.)

With that in mind, something I found earlier today that struck me (and, as I was writing this post my mind started bubbling with ideas for turning the concept into a story), and thought was almost too (painfully) funny to not share.

Go over here, and read the story (and the Trail of Tweets).

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