Penn State Fallout

By no means can I be classified as a Penn State fan – even before the Sandusky events, anytime I might land on a game while flipping channels I might watch a couple of plays, then keep flipping. So when I saw reference to this while fiddling with a news feed on my phone, I had a few thoughts.

The relevant text, for those not wanting to disappear down the rabbit hole:

 Penn State said it will respond within days to the NCAA’s demand for information as the governing body decides whether the university should face penalties — including a possible shutdown of its storied football program — in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal.

Penn State president Rodney Erickson said Tuesday he doesn’t want to “jump to conclusions” about possible sanctions after the head of the NCAA declared the so-called death penalty has not been ruled out.

My read: Erickson’s statement translates as, “Hold on, we make too much money from the football program, let’s be reasonable…”

It’s not really an issue of “should the university face penalties”, it’s “how severe will the penalties be?”

Honestly, I would be surprised if the football program isn’t suspended in some fashion. There’s an ethics and accountability that is expected of of universities in general, and when the school is regularly in the national spotlight in some fashion (without scandal being involved), the line that must be towed becomes even finer.

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