Residency Recap, Days -2 to 0

Yes, the -2 is intentional. As you may have ready, I’ve been at the Residency for my MFA program (Writing Popular Fiction) this week, and it’s been a lot of things to process at once. The experience has been great, and the conversations have been fabulous… this is my first in a short series to try to recap, process, and record my thoughts and observations (not only for myself, but for others that may be considering the program in the future and stumble across these here posts).

The System or How The Schedule Works
There are two residencies during the year, one in June and one in January. Each of them are about five days long but they start on different days of the week. At the moment (read: through 2015-ish) the June Residencies start on Tuesdays; January on a Saturday, I think. I am considering those starting days Day 0. I will explain why in a moment.

Days -2 and -1: The Two Days Before Residency
I chose to drive up early, since it’s a solid 9-ish hours for me (allowing for pit stops, traffic issues, and depending on your route… I made it a little under 10). My logic was this: it’s my first Residency, and I’ve never been to the area before. I wanted to arrive, be able to recover from the drive, explore a little bit of the area and wander around campus. I figured it would be easier to take care of any logistics – get a grasp on which buildings are where, get the ID made, etc. So, Sunday (-2), I drove up. Monday (-1), I checked out campus and took care of the necessary “new student” business.

Day 0: The Beginning
Tuesday. I had opted to stay on campus for this Residency (an option only available for the summer stretch), and we couldn’t “move in” until Tuesday. Since I was already in town, I came over sort-of early (just after the hotel check-out time), and prepared to settle in. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the bed was already made, pillow provided, and even towels and a bar of soap. I was… underwhelmed… to find that the air conditioning in my suite was sketchy and uncooperative, staying at 74 in spite of any effort to adjust it. [For those of you not familiar with suite style dorms: there were three bedrooms that shared a single common area and bathroom space. Two of the rooms were just single beds with desk, dresser and armoire, while the third room was large enough to have two of everything.] What bothered me more than the temperature was the lack of moving air. After unloading the car and getting the basics set up, I opted to seek out the nearest Barnes & Noble to hang out and soak up their AC, and eventually grab some lunch. While I was out, I picked up a small fan that has been running almost non-stop since I set it up that evening.

Then I get ready for the opening meet & greet, which signifies the start of the Residency. Held in the Library, it’s a chance for everyone to get together and mingle, catch up with old friends, try to make some new ones, and just start getting mentally ready for the five full days ahead. During this session, the staff is introduced (especially important for the 1st’s or “1’s”*), and a particular Theme is introduced for the Residency (this year’s: Integrating or writing from some kind of personal experience. To look at it another way: mining your life for event, emotions and ideas that can be transposed to your fiction – not writing Creative Non-Fiction). There was a little mingle exercise based on that (“Here are a couple of questions…” After a few moments to write down our responses, “Now get into groups of 3-5 people and discuss for about 15 minutes.”)

After the meet and greet session, it’s time to call it a night and get ready for the morning. Many folks went out afterwards, either for late dinners, or just a chance to hang out and spend more time catching up. I was fortunate to be able to tag along with a group of 5’s*, so I spent a couple of hours with them, mostly just listening and picking their brains about aspects of the program that I was still a little unclear about.

Then it was back to the dorm. Off to bed. Hoping to be (mentally) prepared for the next day, and the start of the journey.


* Student’s progression in the program is determined by the particular Residency session they are completing. 1’s are in their first Residency. 2’s, their second. 6’s are folks completing their last Residency and graduate on the last day.

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