What are Fictional Echoes?

[Originally written 5/2007]
Welcome to the “new” home…. a pseudo-temporarily-permanent location for writing projects, doodles and “stuff”. When I started “Echoes Americana” – in concept, then in reality, years ago… part of the plan was for it to be a place where I could throw out some “literary doodles”, as a means to track my growth and refinement as a writer. The original “Echoes” is, has been, and will continue to be a “daily posting” of sorts… a writer’s diary and general “updates” on things life in general (an online journal, of sorts).

 Here, however, will be where I experiment. First and foremost, unless I specifically state something to the contrary, anything that is stated in a post should be taken with a grain of salt… Just because something may say “I” did something, it could be in context of character. When in doubt, check how the post is labeled… “Fiction” should be in most of the ones that will pop up… or, when in doubt, ask.

 The other major disclaimer: I cannot and will not guarantee a “PC” or child friendly site… In the context of writing, or maintining character, language may be used or scenes may eventually develop that may not be “happy” reads or clean reads… (I’m not saying that there WILL be a lot of those styles of scenes, either, but well…. this IS the disclaimer!! :o)

 Periodically, I may also open up the floor for ideas to be submitted (a sort of “Whose Line…” style) to create something else… we shall see…

 For now, however, welcome to my tangents, twists and tumultuously timed tinkerings… (blessed be the alliteration :o) Just make sure you turn the lights out and lock up when you’re done.

[Updated 5/31/2012]
“Fictional Echoes” will be going live, again (for the first time here), starting tomorrow (1 June). For now, it will be a bi-weekly Friday thing with some of the older entries coming back to life first, then new pieces to follow. Any previous entry will be listed (much like this one) “Originally Written on <date>”. For those that may have seen them before, here’s your chance to read them again and easily access them in the future. For those that may be finding these for the first time, enjoy!

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