In Which A(nother) Decision Is Made….

Sort of…

The dilemma is this: I’ve always wanted to do a study abroad, and with the acceptance to Glasgow I would get not just a semester but a full degree… from the UK! And a top 100 school in the WORLD! But at what cost? (Literally – the financial angle is the key item here.)

So here’s the decision that MC and I have talked about and finally came down to.

Defer, for a year, then reassess.

In other words, spend the next year-ish trying to flush out as many scholarship options as possible – anything that could help take the edge off of the anticipated financial outlay for the time over there. At the same time, try to track down  information on Graduate Assistantships and how getting one might impact the cost of attendance (I’ve heard that there is an application process when rising to the 2nd year, but the true concern is, if selected, is there a tuition brake or waiver, and what the pay is like (roughly)).

I emailed the university earlier in the week about a possible deferral and they are willing, but onlyup to one academic year (start in Sept 2013, or I would have to reapply). I have also been using the power of the internet to start looking up other sources of information so MC and I can have as accurate and well-rounded a picture of what we would be facing and how we might need to (psychologically) prepare for a move, if the financial side pans out.

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