Guitar for iPhone… Interesting….

It’s not surprising that there are some things that I am slow on the uptake for discovering… Magic: The Gathering, when it first came out, it wasn’t until the Revised set that I was introduced to it. Harry Potter… there were four books out, and the first movie, before I got into the series. Barenaked Ladies (the band, folks)… not until Stunt dropped with One Week. And when it comes to tech stuff… not that I’m not interested in gadgets (far from it) but with the pace that things change and get out-dated, unless it’s in a specific niche I am focused on, I’m likely to miss it…

Like this.

It looks like it first started making an appearance in March but, as with all things on the internet, it sometimes takes random side trips to discover some things. The music geek in me is thinking, “Cool” as an educational accessory, something that might help with guiding for basic finger placement. The instrumentalist in me is responding (much like some of my thoughts on Garageband lessons) with, “Yeah, but what about a bass player?” Then there’s the elitist that goes, “Just get a real guitar… ‘grab a few buddies and start a band’.”

In short, something I wouldn’t mind playing with, and if I were younger I could definitely see myself maybe using this as a starter device, especially if there’s some cross compatibility with the iOS version of Garageband – like playing against lessons (like on the main GB version), or recording directly on the phone – or depending on how much life there might be for it without an iPhone plugged in.

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