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Closing of a few tabs…

I’ve mentioned before that I had a lot of tabs open (at home at least), but have been dragging my feet to actually close them… along the way, I’ve added more to them (which can slog a computer down if you’re not careful)… so here we go (at last, sort of):

I found this site through one of my Facebook people (and fellow student from my MA program)… Notes from The Slushpile.

This one, also through the same Facebook friend… this post in particular is aptly appropriate due to my being on the verge of starting an MFA program. Yes, technically it’s for a PhD, but, well…. more on that later… (even MFA folks can do some research and academic writing, though)…

Here’s a variety of posts that I looked into when I was debating which I wanted more: an MFA or a PhD… the MFA Research Project, Life “After the MFA“, Should I Get an MFA, and an LA Review of Books piece on Why an MFA?

A commentary about the task (and work) of writing over from The Greenery…

Commentary on Stressing Less and Writing More

A discussion of “Buts”… from the Better Man Project

Some cycling & touring notes from the Philippines

A good travel charger (pointed out either by Scalzi or Stross… I’ve forgotten the original… Scalzi I think)

A site that I checked out after watching an episode of House Hunters (RV edition)

One I found that was featured on WordPress, interest piqued by some photos from the author’s travels…

A Tony Horton clip from the Dr. Oz show…. (yes, we have P90X, no we have not followed it religiously… yet)

The Write Environment… where I went mostly due to an interview with Joss Whedon, after something else I was looking up


Still a few more to close, but some of those are of the sort I actually want to write more about. Some are writing specific, others are more random (for me) than you might think, but all to come in the near(er) future.

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2112… on MVM

Here we are on the only 21st of any month this year that falls on a Monday… and to commemorate the event (like I suggested here), I bring you the  opening salvo of the epic, with the final part of the song added to the concert arrangement.

This version comes from the R30 tour, filmed in Germany.

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