It’s Official…

I have accepted the offer from Seton Hill University, paid my deposit yesterday to secure my spot in the MFA program, and took care of registering for the fall semester earlier this afternoon.

I still have yet to hear an official outcome  from Glasgow, so technically I still feel slightly nervous with thinking, “What if…?” But with the time schedule needed to feel comfortable preparing to go to Scotland (I would need to be sending a passoprt for my visa in the next couple of weeks), put against the time table to get ready for the SH Residency… let’s just say it’s usually good odds to bet on the sure thing (in this case – a guaranteed acceptance vs a “still pending”). As a matter of principle, I’m letting the Glasgow application ride to see a) if I get in, and b) how long it actually takes.

Last week, when I went to the Grad Student Reading for this years group for my local program (was it really only a year ago that I was in their shoes, reading? It seems so long ago…), I caught up with two of my references, and they were both excited. Luke, my original fiction writing instructor from back in my undergraduate days, was really happy for me and the opportunity for the program.  This was the one he was hoping I would get into.

After deciding on Seton Hill, I’ve stumbled around the internet and discovered a couple of other people that have completed the program already, as well as someone else who is in the last push to finish her novel (thesis), and have heard nothing but good vibes about the experience.

So now, what if I do (finally) get accepted to Glasgow? Then MC and I can discuss it, and see if we want to try and go over next year. If we decide we want to seriously pursue it, then it would be contacting the school to see if the admission could be deferred. If it can’t be deferred, or I end up not getting in, well… I’ll still be flying with the Griffins.

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