Enrolling in Battle School…

It’s still interesting to me how much serendipity happens courtesy of the internet, and I find it refreshing when the random clicks actually leads to something useful and interesting in a few clicks, instead of getting lost down the rabbit hole.

Recent case in point:

The other day I clicked on an article somewhere where there was a brief Q&A with Sir Ben Kingsley. What drew me to it was the mention of Iron Man 3 – Kingsley is apparantly signed on for it, even though specifics are still under wraps. In there, though, Kingsley mentioned “currently shooting Ender’s Game.”

Wait… what? (Really – that’s what went through my mind.)

So, I did what any self-respecting person with half a clue to the reference would do, and went to IMDB…. here.

Looks like an interesting cast, and when you consider some of the other roles the actors in the anchor characters have played… well, let’s just say I have decent hopes for the movie.

I know what I may may be doing for my birthday next year (2013) – as long as the release date doesn’t change.

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