Where The Wild Things Have Gone

I can’t say that I have strong memories of reading the book while growing up – I have almost no memory of it, actually, but I am sure I probably did, most likely while sitting in a library in elementary school… it’s just not one I had at home.

When I saw this morning that Maurice Sendak died, I will admit to a little bit of, “Wait? He was still alive?” crossing my mind, probably driven chiefly by the fact I haven’t spent that much time in the children’s section of a library in decades, and only slightly more in that corner of a bookstore. I will also readily admit ignorance to knowing anything else he’s worked on – which looks like quite a lot – and after reading blurbs about some of his other works makes me interested to go look them up, if for no other reason than to  discover stories that I seemed to miss out of while growing up, and maybe start sharing some of them with my own son.

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