An Intergalactic Tribute for MVM

I will admit that I cannot be considered a die hard Beastie Boys fan. I’ve been hit or miss with most of the singles that have come out over the years, but I can respect the energy and showmanship, and just the fun they seemed to have together. I remember sitting my friend Jimmy’s room in the mid-80’s, after Licensed to Ill had dropped, and he would play the cassette over and over (yes, I said cassette, damnit). I’ve always been partial to Fight for Your Right, but I remember him twisting his face into rap style swagger to call out “Girls” or “Brass Monkey, that funky monkey” as the songs would play.

More recently, there’s been a new guy hired in the office… a couple of months ago, shortly after he was hired, the conversation somehow got around to the Beastie Boys… it may have been suggesting some music to be played or referencing Brass Monkey itself (someone else had a snippet for a ringtone on their cell phone)… but he asked the question, “Who are they?” Most of us responded with shock and confusion, “What rock have you been under?” Realizing that he is barely in his twenties, his not knowing the group was unfathomable. “I’ve heard of them,” he said, “I just couldn’t tell you many of their songs.”

I ended up watching Jimmy Fallon on Friday night, and they did a flashback segment showing the group performing on the show, but I missed the intro. I wondered if something had happened, knowing that one of them had been having health issues. It wasn’t until sometime Saturday that I found out that Adam (MCA) had died.

So here’s one of their hits, something a little out of this world… Intergalactic.

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