Staring Into the Griffin’s Eyes…

So, last night I updated the scorecard to reflect my standing at Grad Schools 5, Me 0 for grad school applications. This afternoon, though, I got this in my email.

Congratulations on your recent acceptance to the Master of Fine Arts in Writing Popular Fiction program!

Your official acceptance letter is on the way. In the meantime, I wanted to personally congratulate you and welcome you to the Seton Hill University graduate community.

Their mascot? The Griffin… and the image that comes to mind at the moment is Harry bowing to Buckbeak in Azkaban.

What does that mean? That, pending a response from Glasgow, it looks like I know where I will be going. Should I get an acceptance offer from Glasgow, then the number crunching and odds-weighing begin in earnest before making my final decision.

So, to update the scorecard (again):

  • University of Denver (PhD) (dated 28 February)
  • University of Edinburgh [Scotland] (PhD) (received 20 January)
  • University of Glasgow [Scotland] (PhD)
  • Boston University (MFA) (received 3 April)
  • Indiana University at Bloomington (MFA)  (received 18 April, dated 30 March)
  • North Carolina State University (MFA)  (received 21 March)
  • Seton Hill University (Low-Res MFA) (accepted, received 19 April)


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