Another One Bites the Dust…

To catch up to speed, check here… received today, my letter from Indiana University at Bloomington.

It’s a nicely printed letter, with a giant IU watermark in the letter, definitely one of the nicer pieces of stationary that I’ve gotten from a school.

Unfortunately, the words printed on it were less than favorable, however, it was signed by the chair of the department (instead of, say, just someone at the graduate school). I have a sliver of hope, though, maybe a straw I’m grasping at, but: applications were due at the beginning of January, and the letter was dated 30 March. They mention receiving over 300 applications, and only being able to accept 12.

My thought, my hope, is this: the selections were done tournament style – as applications were declined they were notified somewhere along the way instead of mailing all of the rejections at once. If that’s the case, then that would mean I made it through most of the cut, to maybe the top 50 or top 25 of the applicants.  Hell, maybe even number 13 for all I know.

The concentration on teaching pedagogy would have been nice, but thanks to some of my other experiences (Uncle Orson’s, again, I can’t recommend it enough) I’ve already started seeing different ways of teaching, and thinking about teaching, that may or may not have been helped by the program. One night, while at Uncle Orson’s, in my hotel room at sometime past midnight, unable to sleep, I started sketching out thoughts on classes I might like to teach, and thinking about how I would want to teach them. Maybe my thoughts on teaching were what helped me make it as far as  I did.

So, to update the scorecard:

  • University of Denver (PhD) (dated 28 February)
  • University of Edinburgh [Scotland] (PhD) (received 20 January)
  • University of Glasgow [Scotland] (PhD)
  • Boston University (MFA) (received 3 April)
  • Indiana University at Bloomington (MFA)  (received 18 April, dated 30 March)
  • North Carolina State University (MFA)  (received 21 March)
  • Seton Hill University (Low-Res MFA)

Which leaves us with two very, very different programs on the table, and huge (ginormous) geographical and cultural possibilities to keep in mind.

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