Paging Mr. Moon… & Pistols

When I first saw this mentioned by a friend on Facebook, I was a little skeptical. Then I saw a news article today, and find myself wondering, really?

The committee responsible for organizing the Olympic’s closing ceremonies went so far as contacting the band’s management to check on his availablity.

What rock have they been living under? Keith Moon has been dead for longer than he was alive, did the folks on the committee not have anyone do some fact checking, or was someone so new to discovering The Who that he/she just thought he left the band over a tiff?

Almost makes me wonder if they tried booking Amy Winehouse – or was her death current enough for the committee to sit back and say, Hey, wait… that won’t work…”

In other news,the fact that the Sex Pistols were also invited to participate in the same show wasn’t that surprising, given the theme planned for the show. It would have been surprising had they actually accepted the gig.

Maybe that’s just me, though…

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