Dragon Tale: The Sequel

As I mentioned here, we have had a child… “installed an expansion pack” as I mentioned, but I just gave the (basic) origin story, not any of the details… so here we go:

As I mentioned, we had a boy. He weighed in at four pounds even, and measured at 18.5″ (although a visit to the doctor’s office after he was home suggested a little less, maybe 17.5″, the 18.5″ is what’s on record).

And the name? Jack-Henry Geddylee Evans, with any monograming initials planned as JGE.

Wait, what?

Yes, you read that correctly, and here’s how the name came to be.

First, it’s family – my father’s name was Jack, my grandfather’s name was Joyce Henry (nickname, Jack). We initially talked about going with “Jackson,” but after hearing stories of some other children named Jackson (who are, apparently, um… challenging?), MC nixed that one real quick. My middle name is Lee (and his maternal grandmother’s name is Leigh), so I wanted to somehow incorporate Lee into the name. Not much of a problem with Jackson – Jackson Lee – but with that ruled out, we had to consider other options.

Which led us back to Jack-Henry.

In a history class in high school (US History, I think, with Mr. Blackstock), while discussing some historical personality – probably someone whose role may have been important but name had become little known – after we were told his name a girl in the class, Verneé Foreman, said something like, “No wonder we don’t know it, his name was stupid.” A conversation followed that touched on symmetry and flow of a person’s name, and twenty years later the essence of the exchange was still with me.

Jack-Henry Lee just wasn’t going to work. In the back of my mind I could hear Verneé going, “It’s stupid. There’s no flow.”

After kicking it around for several weeks, MC finally said, “What about Geddylee?”

I stared at her for a moment, then, hesitantly asked, “Really? And you would be okay with that?” She confirmed, and the name was set. (For those that don’t know, yes, I am a Rush fan. Still don’t get it? Go here.)

While in the NICU, he had to spend some time under the billie light, or as we jokingly called it, the “tanning bed,” and no, he did not like the shades.

And, also while in the NICU, for at least the first week, he had to be attached to a central line station to maintain the IV and to control the initial drugs (prophylactic antibiotics) and tube feedings until he would latch on to breast feed or take a bottle (which was pretty quick, so in the grand scheme he only had formula for a couple of days). Imagine my surprise when during his second day (after I had gotten some sleep), I’m standing in his NICU pod, and I see this:

Focus on the numbers… 2112! And, after following the bouncing ball, it looks like the listed release date for the album was 1 April 1976 but other information indicates a possible March release, which makes it all even more serendipitous… but with the middle name of Geddylee and the station labeled 2112… Coincidence? That’s all I’m saying’…

But here we are, a little over a month later, and he’s been home for most of it, and he has a tendency to get cranky around a camera… (“Really, dad? Another picture?” *facepalm*)

So, there you go… the rest of the introduction. Now you can say you know Jack(-Henry).

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