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So Much for the Afterglow…

Well, damn… one thing that it’s hard to really come to grips with is how much things change after having a child – at least, as long as the child is in the “eat, sleep & poop” stage that dominates the first several months of life. Things that I had anticipated being able to accomplish quickly got blown to the sidelines when trying to let MC sleep while also taking care of feeding & changing the baby every few hours during the graveyard shift.

Did I mention graveyard shift? Brain cells don’t necessarily fire coherently between two and five in the morning if you’re trying to write on that kind of schedule (caveat: this is assuming already being up for about 14 hours by this point – that is what makes the brain go fuzzy, regardless of the actual time).

So, now that the Easter weekend is upon us, and the dreaded return-to-work point from “maternity leave” is fast approaching, I have lots to do, including playing catch up here…

But first, time to provide nourishment for a child.

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