Playing With Cell Phones…

One of the bestest, most usefulest additions to cell phones was the inclusion of a camera. With the progress of technology, many of the better phones are rocking a camera that is almost as good as a full, stand alone camera. That fact alone makes it easier to take random snapshots without much planning – most people are hardly without their phones, but only take a full camera for special events or planned photos.

Case in point, the current iPhones and many Droids are running with 8mp cameras, with 5mp cameras being the average. My Droid 2 (at almost two years old) has a 5mp camera, while my Nikon camera sports a 12mp.trying to

But the benefit in having the cameras only works when there is a way to easily get the pictures off of the device. I’m playing with my previous phone (the one I had before the Droid), and it at least has a memory card slot so I can port images off… Unfortunately, the generation phone (a Samsung Alias, 1st generation, circa 2007) does not have a standard cable connection to just plug it into a computer, which makes trying to save over 500 pictures that had been saved in the phone’s memory heavy on the tedious side, since each picture has to be manually moved from phone memory to card memory (no “select all” option).

Why go through the hassle at all? Because I like many of the pictures taken with the phone, which include some early pics with MC, or the only photographic evidence of the Mini before the striped were added. And, as I am planning on changing to an iPhone when my term with the Droid expires – whether 4S or 5 remains to be seen, based on when the 5 comes out – I am thinking about recycling the Alias (which has been serving as the alarm clock since the last upgrade).

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