The New iPad…

I realize the announcement was about two weeks ago, and they started hitting store shelves this past week… this is part of my catch-up series…

Initial reaction: second verse same as the first. Which is to say, I really wouldn’t mind playing with one, and with this being the new baseline I would definitely not object to an upgrade at some point in the future, but not yet.

Actually, what I am more excited and intrigued about is iPhoto coming to the iPad (& iPhone). I’ve enjoyed using iPhoto for the past couple of years, and have also gotten Aperture to play with some features that weren’t easily found/usable from iPhoto for image manipulation, but the mobile version really looks like it might be a breeze to use, especially while on the go. I also like the sharable “Photo Journal” feature, and hope that becomes a feature that is cross-ported back to the platform version.

Honestly, I feel more inclined to upgrade just to be able to use iPhoto for iOS – but since it is also iPhone compatible, I am doing my best to hold off until the summer when I plan to finally switch to an iPhone… the question then will be if I get a 4S or a 5 (depending on if/when it is announced).

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