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Still Getting Tweaked…

The Crud has proved to be a more resilant adversary than expected. Still dealing with some sinus issues, even if it’s the only sympton that doesn’t seem to be up for taking it’s ball and going home. So, I’ve now got plans to get a doctor involved to see if we can give the Crud an eviction notice.

Just so you know.

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Disappearing for MVM…

Sort of…

In keeping with the MI:2 entry from last week, here’s another one of the standout tracks from the soundtrack, Metallica’s “I Disappear.”

For me, I started getting into (read: appreciating) Metallica when … And Justice For All was first out, not so much for the album, but for the single “One.” After that, like almost everyone else that was of that era, when Metallica (the “Black” album) came out and half the album turned into singles, it was quickly added to the collection. I had LoadGarage, Inc., and S&M, but had moved on by the time Magnetic came out a few years ago. But, I still think some of their best stuff came from Master of Puppets.

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