News From the Web….

A few things that have intrigued me this week… mostly my writerly/readerly sensibilities, but I found interesting nonetheless…

First, from Neil Gaiman’s blog he mentions a couple of projects that he is working on, notably:

Currently I’m mostly writing the HBO American Gods first episode. I’m really enjoying it, partly because a lot of what I’ve written isn’t in the book. It’s implied in the book, or talked about generally, or referred to obliquely, but it’s scenes I hadn’t written. So I feel that I’m doing new work, even if it’s not new. If you see what I mean.
And, strangely, it seems to be feeding in to the next American Gods book, which is what I’m sort of working on right now. (Actually, I’m writing a short story that comes after Monarch of the Glen and before The Next Book. But it feels organically needed.)
To which I say, “Hot damn. I know what’s going to be going on my gift idea list when they go into production.” If you haven’t read American Gods, I highly recommend it. It’s one of those slightly off stories that, well… think something like the Royal Rumble with a variety of mythologies but that’s a huge over-simplification. There are lots of subtleties with names, some I caught right off, but a couple didn’t register until much later. And the fact that there’s (potentially) a – what, mini-series? – that could be going into production… Definitely something I would be interested in watching.
The other item regards J. K. Rowling:
“Harry Potter” creator J.K. Rowling will publish her first book for adults, it was announced Thursday. Publisher Little, Brown will bring the book to shelves simultaneously in the U.S. and Britain at an unannounced future date. Its title has not yet been revealed.
I think it will be interesting to see how this one develops, once a title or synopsis starts coming out. Am I going to be waiting in line to get a copy? To soon to tell (besides, that’s what the internet is for, right?), but I won’t object to at least checking it out, just to see where she goes after Harry Potter.
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