Lobster, Oh How I Love You…

While we were in Boston, one of the places we ate was “this little hole in the wall”* known as Anthony’s Pier 4.  I was introduced to loster back in 1987, when we all went to Charleston so my parents  could go to his company’s Christmas party. It was a Surg & Turf menu, with leftovers coming home to me and my sister.

Jump forward almost 25 years to this trip to Boston.

I started lunch with a bowl of Lobster Bisque. Then we met Clyde

This is Clyde. He wasn’t happy about me getting the bisque. “That was my cousin Pinkey, you bastard.” He joined us for lunch, thinking he would intimidate us.

After he took of his coat and sat down at our table, this is how Clyde was dressed… it’s called the “Savannah” style, and features such major accessories as cheese and mushrooms. He thought it would be intimidating.


It wasn’t. We gutted him and sent him back to the kitchen. He sent this Sticky Toffy Pudding as a peace offering.


It worked, and we parted on reasonable terms. He’s expecting us next time we go back to Boston, and will welcome us with open arms.

* Note the intended sarcasm – it’s actually a very nice restaurant, with a great water overlook. I highly recommend going by. Prices are a bit steep, but it’s not a Crab Shack so it’s to be expected. And you definitelty get what you pay for!
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