Back at the Grindstone…

Right – here’s a fuzzy flurry of thought. I may miss something, but such is the way things go when writing significantly after the fact.

Boston: A good time. My first two trips were just land-and-ride, so I only saw Boston through either the rolling windows of the shuttle service or the windows of the hotel. Depressing, really, considering how long I had been wanting to go to Boston. But not the third time. This time, MC and I took a cab up to the Qunicy Market area, and walked around and across to Boston Common. We walked around the South End (around World Trade Center and piers).

It was good to get out and stretch the legs, and also bash the myth of distance.  Looking at maps, the distances between points looked larger – longer walking distances, etc. – than what reality proved. That was a nice discovery. And the fact that the weather was manageable (a balmy range of 40s – 50s, clear sky, and no snow the entire time we were there) made that discovery even sweeter.

Boskone: Another good year at the conference. Raided the “freebie” table for a metric shit-ton of back issue Assimov’s and F&SF magazines because of stories by particular authors (for, um, research, yeah)… and only a couple of books.

Still some more to post (a story about Lobsters – and I don’t mean the Strossian variety), but that will be later…

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