Boston: It’s a Love/Hate thing…

Ask most of the group I grew up with and they will probably tell you I am a Boston fan. In our group, whenever we played basketball and pretended we were representing a pro team I was that guy who always took the Celtics. In an era where almost everyone else was pulling for the Bulls, that was huge. Almost blasphemous.

But I like Boston more than Chicago, so that’s okay.

But there are a couple of things I… not so much hate but think it’s unfortunate about Boston (for me, not the city itself).

First,  it’s so far north. Understand, this isn’t a bad thing itself, it just makes it difficult to do a weekend getaway by driving. (Also not such a bad thing… have you seen how some of the folks drive?) The lattitude is unfortunate though because it took me until I was in my 30s to get there, and even then it’s been touch and go (land at the airport and cab to hotel, but not much of the city).

Second, it’s huge. Also, not a bad thing, but there’s a learning curve for getting around and knowing how to navigate the T. It’s just easy for the uninitiated to get lost. True of anyplace, yes, but the bigger the city the more profound the sense of confusion.

But, for the sake of research (I do have a WIP that I am setting in Boston), I am willing to suffer the slings and arrows of exploration…

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