So, I have mixed thoughts on covers. Some artists either try to stick to closely to the original when it’s not in their (vocal) range, or the work is drug through the mud in the process of reworking into a different style (there’s a Def Leppard song that was covered around 2002 as a pop version… hearing it was such a traumatic event that I can’t even remeber the name now). Others, the ones that I think are generally more successful, will take the core song, tweak it, rearrange it to better fit their style (hence, why I canĀ appreicate the musical numbers from Glee).

Which brings us to this week’s MVM selection… an Amanda Palmer cover of Nirvana’s “Polly” from Nevermind. I’ve never been a fall-over-myself-Nirvana-is-gawd sort of person. I like most of their music, but it wasn’t the same life-impacting experience that it was for others. “Polly” wasn’t one that stuck out for me, back in the day, maybe because I didn’t get Nevermind until it had been out for a couple of years.

But I discovered this one through Neil Gaiman (since she’s his wife), and after reading her blog post about it, I found out that the song was inspired by actual events. And the feedback she’s gotten over there has been pretty good for the interpretation and handling of the material. After comparing the two, I have to agree on both accounts.

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