New Van Halen…

Not much different from the old Van Halen.

Now, I have not listened to the entire new album yet, only the preview snippets from iTunes. Am I hugely impressed? Not really. It’s still 3/4 of what they were in 1984, and the mixing is about the same as when Balance and III were recorded (read: not entirely a bad thing). But it’s not the oh-my-gawd-my-face-has-melted-off-from-the-awesomeness that many of the iTunes commenters have indicated.

Neither is it terrible. The rhythm section still kicks some ass, and Eddie can still sling the axe. And Dave is still, well… Dave.

It appears to be a very listenable album, much like III is (except for the last track on III… there’s a reason Eddie’s not the frontman), but it might take a few listens to really get a feel for the album and each song. But at the worst case, there become stand-out tracks that each person will connect with and they opt past the rest – which is nothing really new, and can apply to almost any album for any band.

Have you picked it up yet? Just checked out the samples? What do you think?

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