Throw it Away… on MVM

I mentioned on Friday about how nice the future is, and I referenced being listening to music from Australia… an Australian band to be specific. At least, to discover them.  Years ago, when the whole “Rockstar” concept show was running (I liked the first “season” when it was used to find a new lead singer for INXS, and actually got the album), I tuned in to the second “season” when they were trying to form a band “Supernova.” One of the singers that I picked up on was an Aussie guy, Toby Rand, especially in the week where the singers had to do an original song. Soon after that episode, I was able to find a version on the Internet, and have had it as a staple in my library ever since.

When Toby didn’t make the cut for Supernova, he went back to Australia and his band Juke Kartel (if you follow the link, a word of caution: the page has an audio player embedded so check the sound level on your speakers). Definitely one to check out, and a group I wouldn’t object to seeing live.

For this week, though, here’s two versions of the song – the Rockstar performance (complete with judge responses), and a JK version recorded last year.

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