In Which I Pull a Wheaton…

Allow me a moment to pull a Wheaton, and do something I’ve been meaning to for a while: agree with him on how much I like and appreciate living in the future. And I make the reference because I have seen him post more than once on his blog about it, so there.

Because here, in the future (with a free, accessible internet!) it is possible to be in touch with friends that you may not have seen in years (due to geographical requirements – jobs can take you some of the darnedest places), in the matter of minutes, even by video chat if post parties are so inclined.

Because, here in the future, we can take virtual tours of (some) places, and see street level pictures of locations we may be thinking of traveling to (so we can get our bearings quicker upon arrival).

Because here, in the future, it is possible to carry hundreds of books, hundreds of songs and hours of video on something that weighs as much as a paperback.

Because, in the future, it is possible for me to drive on American roads in my British built car (that uses German parts), cranking out music from artists from parts of the world much farther than the US South (such locations as Britain, Scotland, Canada, and Australia spring to mind), and I can discover more if I only flick a switch, jiggle a mouse and type a few words.

Because, frankly, the future is awesome.

  1. #1 by Ebeth on January 27, 2012 - 23:19

    Pretty funny!!

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