The Oscars

Scalzi mentioned them the other day in a post, which got me thinking… it’s that time of year already?

I’ve not got any significant input or reflections on any of the selections, since my film intake from 2011 is woefully underprepared for any such endeavor. I will, however, be perfectly frank about some of the ones that I wanted to see that did make the cut.

My (again, uniformed) choice for best picture would go to Moneyball… it’s the one movie on the list that I really would have liked to have seen in the theater.  War Horse would be a second (for theater viewing) tied with The Help just to see the adaptation. Interesting, though, to see The Help get a Best Picture nod but no Adapted Screenplay. On the outside, The Artist looks interesting simply from the aesthetic angle.

Skipping the Actors and Actresses, simply from the wealth of talent (and previous nominations), my thoughts and partiality are based on an existing cannon (hence my preference for Branagh or Plummer for supporting actor). And skipping most of the technical categories, I’ll drop down to the writing.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy I noticed as a book before realizing there was a movie coming out (maybe it was due to tie-in publicity, couldn’t tell you other than I had recognition for the trailers from seeing the book), and Moneyball I saw was based on a true story, but didn’t realize it was based on a 2003 book. While I haven’t seen it, the over the top nature that I think is in Bridesmaids makes it a possible underdog that I can see sneaking up on the party… or just waiting for the after parties to get started.

I’ve found that, while I can appreciate many of the past Best Picture winners, it’s much more interesting to look at the Best Screenplay nominees (both Adapted and Original) as a writer. Those are the stories that have made it to one of the writing mountaintops – an Oscar nod. And they can be such interesting stories…

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