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On Dealing With Rejection

Or, why I’m not all that heartbroken about not getting in…

That’s right. The first response is in from the seven schools, and it was a rejection. From the University of Edinburgh. And you know what? I don’t really mind. Yes, of course, it’s disappointing. Of the two schools in Scotland I applied to, I was really interested in Edinburgh for the historical/cultural draw and opportunities, but I had a funny feeling when I submitted the application. When I reviewed the faculty pages, I didn’t really see anyone that appeared to be a very good “click” or fit with research interests – some close, but that proximity could have been questionable. There actually wasn’t anything extremely special about the program, other than the fact that it was Edinburgh, that was a huge draw.

And it would also have been the most expensive to attend, in raw tuition.

So, disappointed? Yes. End of the world? Not hardly.

Right, back to the cards…

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