Apple Event… Comming soon…

I saw this a little earlier this morning, scheduled for 19 January. It’s labeled as an “education” event, so I am curious what itmay entail. On the one hand, there’s the faint hope that maybe, since it’s in New York (home of most of the major publishing houses), maybe there will be some announcement of repealed DRM on purchases through iBooks, similar to what  iTunes finally moved to with music.

I’m not betting on it, mind you, but one can hope. It might make me more inclined to get more through iBooks.

However, even if it’s only – exclusively – an announcement related to textbooks, I think that would still be a huge plus, depending on how the features play out (not sure how the “highlighting” might play out, and it’s hard to put sticky notes for easy study reference [yes, I know about bookmarking, but when you’re trying to study for an exam across multiple books, I can see there being some issues])… just the size alone of some of the books is crazy, and that’s just college, not to mention the bulk that are textbooks in middle and high schools.  Dropping an e-file on an iPad would remove the half-metric ton that’s crammed into lockers and carried on backs by our nations 12-year olds.

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