Rock of Ages…

MC and I went to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows on Friday night (not a bad movie, great camera work, but we liked the first more, just for the “in London” feel… but still quite worth seeing!). One of the previews, though, was for a movie called Rock of Ages. It turns out this one is following in Chicago’s footsteps, and trying a move from Broadway to the big screen (unlike so many others that have done the reverse). Some time back I had downloaded the soundtrack, listened through it, and thought *meh* just because of the vocal treatments (Broadway singer’s doing Twisted Sister and Quiet Riot?)… I can appreciate the effort but much more prefer the original.

But it looked interesting enough that MC said she may be interested in seeing it, and after seeing the trailer and getting a feel for the bigger story  the soundtrack makes better sense. And Tom Cruise channeling Axl Rose circa 1987? Really?

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