The Writer’s Drive…

Or, “Looking Under the Writer’s Hood”… I read this today, while catching on my reading over at Magical Words for the week. And one paragraph hit home, hard, and is currently at the center of how I am endeavoring to spend most of January and some of February…

The truth is, it is easier not to write. Oh, if you have that inner writer whispering stories in your mind and characters jabbering in the back of your head, occasionally the muse will drag you by the ear and the compulsion to write might be so strong that you forget little things like food and sleep for a while. But the muse is fickle and inevitably the well that was overflowing slows. Notice I didn’t say the well dries up or even runs low. No, it simply stops running over. That pool of creativity is still there, waiting to be drawn from, but now you have to work for it. That is when you must have the unwavering desire to be a writer. Because the truth is, writing is hard.

Because, it really is easier to not write than to write. By nature, writers become creatures of habit and routine, and the longer spent not writing, the harder it is to return to it.

And getting back into anything starts with small steps.

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