Jobs… with Kung-Fu grip?

I was clicking through sites on the internet the other day (no surprise there), when I came across this… and went, “What?” A few beats passed as I tried to understand what I was seeing… someone wanted to make an action figure of Steve Jobs? Don’t get me wrong, on one level I wouldn’t be opposed to one showing up in my mail (I can appreciate a good artistic job with figures… McFarland Toys have impressed me over the years, and if ever there’s a Rush set done… AND I find out about it while it’s still in production, well…)… but I’m not about to drop $100 on any kind of figure/doll (no, not even an American Girl if we have a daughter).

Seems the guy was a huge fan, and I can appreciate that. I wish him luck with the endeavor. But i dunno… the creepy thing about a couple of the promo pictures (like the one above)… the part of me that likes to make random connections: the picture above looks like almost like the photographer was going for  a shaved-headed Jesus look. But the site interface itself is pretty cool, if you click through via the image…

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