A Series on the Process of Applications

When I embarked on the journey of applying to the MFA/PhD programs, I did a lot of internet searches… a lot. There are a lot of things to consider, and a lot of things that will have to be prepared before submitting the applications that it can be quite overwhelming for someone who’s just getting started. Along the way, I came up with a book idea, which I will be starting here shortly, after a little background.

Two of the schools that I have officially applied to are in Scotland (Edinburgh and Glasgow). A third, which was almost applied to, is the University of Manchester (you guessed it, home of the United, for those Beckham fans out there). Since I would be an international student – something I was interested in doing as an undergraduate but was unable to pursue for other academic reasons – I would have a lot to learn through cultural experiences, conversational and slang differences, and just the differences in University life and structure. Which was the genesis of this idea that I am getting to. In my head, the idea has the working title: “The English to English Dictionary: One Man’s Views on the Pursuit of Higher Education on Both Sides of the Pond”… or something like that.

However, the chances of the full project reaching development will all depend on how the admissions offers stand once the dust has settled.

But as I kicked the idea around some more, I realized that an important first part of the book would be a discussion of the application process: some of the whys, hows and whats that might be encountered on the application trail.

Sure, there’s other sites out there, but some of them were damn hard to find as I was looking, and others were quite easy. Few of them really addressed things in a concise way that really resonated or led to my understanding of the required documents. And none of them were written by me so here we are.

You will see a few of these pop up over the next few weeks, followed by more information on the actual applications as they become available. WHo knows, maybe some of these will end up on a bookshelf one day? But in the meantime, if someone can find my thoughts on the process helpful, then woot!

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