Could it be…?

Yes, I think I may know what my next phone might be, if it does in fact come to pass. Not as soon as it’s released, mind you, but when I would be upgrade eligible. And here’s why.

1. As useful as my Droid 2 has been, it was a forced settlement. I had been hoping for the iPhones to come to Verizon but given either upgrading in September 2010 or continuing to wait for an ever elusive appearance date (which came around 6 months later),  I opted for the known factor and the Droid. And it’s been good to me for the most part, but there have been power issues (random turn-off & restarts), and loads of pre-installed apps that I would rather not have cluttering my device  and be able to uninstall (Blockbuster, Need for Speed I’m looking at you).

2. I’m also cheap in the contract category: if I don’t have to pay an insane fee to change devices, then I plan to avoid the expense as long and as often as possible.

3. Then there’s the future plans (something I mentioned here) that would need to be considered before doing any phone upgrades. Since I am considering schools in the UK, doing a Verizon upgrade wouldn’t make the best sense (CDMA<>GSM). Unless the iPhone 5 is a dual-mode, like some rumors have speculated, there’s the potential for increased expense should we go overseas. See # 2 above.

4. Then there’s the consistency of applications. For most of my personal use I have transitioned over to Macs. To my knowledge, Apple sotware doesn’t integrate well with Google (read: calendar syncs). [I will admit, I haven’t tried very hard to sync iCal with Google, but I imagine there is some way out there.] And with iCloud due to come out with iOS 5, that should make cross-syncing that much easier. There will also be the reduced chance of double buying  the same apps for different platforms.

So until the applications get answered and I know what my future academic plans are going to be, I’m on hold before switching to one – but I’m looking forward to seeing the reveal and how the final build version of iOS 5 works.

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