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The Guild – on MVM

In honor of the holiday here in the States, here’s a second video entry (double header) for getting your gaming geek on this week. The Guild is fun… and if you are a gamer with any mileage under your belt (specifically online, but if you’re coming from D&D or similar table RPGs [like me] there should still be plenty to connect to).

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And Now, Something Completely Different… (NSFW)

As a registered attendant for Worldcon, one of the perks is getting to both nominate and voter for the Hugos. Since I didn’t register until later in the year, I was only eligible to vote for this years and could not take part in the nominating process. One of the items that got nominated in the “Related Materials” category this year was an over the top homage to Ray Bradbury (released in April 2010). It wasn’t until sitting in the Hugo ceremony that I realized it was a music video. You can follow the link to read the backstory, but I will warn you up front if you just want to watch – it’s lyrical content is not really safe for work. ┬áConsider yourself warned…

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