D’You Know What I Mean? on MVM

It was August 1997.  Just before midnight on the eve of the the album’s release, and I was milling around downtown waiting for CD Alley, the local CD store, to open.  The streetlights gave the white painted brick storefront a pale glow as about a dozen people were standing around, waiting for the store to be unlocked. I had reserved two copies of Be Here Now – one for me and one for my friend Danny who was about to enter his senior year of high school. 

“Wonderwall” had been everywhere, and I had already picked up Morning Glory, and Danny had introduced me to Definitely Maybe.  This was back when the music mattered (it still does, but these days, even if everything hadn’t gone digital, I’d be less likely to stand outside a music store at midnight just to get an eagerly awaited release).

So here’s to joy of music and memories… d’you know what I mean?

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