An Open Letter To The Management of the Wyndham near RDU…

Dear Sir or Madam:

I regret to inform you that after two recent stays, my wife and I have decided that we will no longer be considering staying at your establishment as part of our future travel plans. Here is why:

I understand that our arrival coincided with renovations to the property. To that end, I am willing to overlook the lack of consistent water pressure for the sink in our room (and the few spurts of brown water that came out the third time we used the sink).

What I am not willing to overlook, however, is the lack of professionalism and customer service skills from your front desk staff – specifically the night auditor that was working both the morning of our departure and upon our return. During our first night’s stay, we had requested a 4am wake-up call, so that we could make sure to be in the lobby for our 4:30am cab to the airport. By the time we had come down to the lobby around 4:20am, there had been no wake-up call. That is a vital service that, if there are system issues due the upgrades, I would encourage you to have the desk staff make the calls manually.

At our initial check-out, I had also requested a hotel business card, primarily for the purposes of being able to contact the hotel upon our return so we could arrange for the shuttle. A secondary purpose was so that I could contact you to advise you of the poor experience we had. When the Night Auditor advised me that “they didn’t have any cards” I was shocked. If the management team is new (which I find hard to believe  the entire management staff is new), I can accept not having specific cards, but I find it to be very poor judgement from a service standpoint that there was not at least a generic hotel card available.

The final straw, however, was the night of our return. The auditor was working to resolve a room issue with another guest. Even after almost eight hours of flying (across three time zones), having to wait a few more minutes to check in isn’t what bothered us. What bothered me, however, was the lack of acknowledgement that we were waiting. Had the auditor simply said something (anything) to the effect of, “Hi, I’ll be with you in a moment” instead of the blank stare into the computer screen (while waiting to hear from another team member, to adjust how a room was listed as clean/unclean by housekeeping), then I would have been content.

As someone with both a degree in Hospitality Management, and years of working for three different hotel chains and managing two different restaurant concepts, I simply do not feel that we got the level of service that should be expected from a property of your brand’s caliber.

With regards,

Jeff Evans

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