Thoughts about Worldcon (Hugo Edition)

First off, I will echo Scalzi on this point, and suggest you go check out the video for yourself… congratulations to all of the Hugo winners.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, to be honest. It was a rather informal formal event. After years of Military Balls in college, I was initially a little nervous (as was MC) that we would be underdressed for the event. That was not the case – we were about middle of the pack. We also got to the ballroom about fifteen minutes before the ceremony was due to start, so we were also in the back third of the room.

That was also part of things I wasn’t expecting: chairs. Just chairs. No tables, only chairs. Yes, I’ve seen awards shows on television. Rows upon rows of people seated (in a theater space). I have also seen some where there were tables set up. Again, harkening back to my college days, those mil-balls where my reference images for formal events. Of course, food was served when the tables were used, and I didn’t expect food at the event.

Not bad expectations to vary from, and not a bad implementation for the event. It’s an experience you just have to experience. I recommend it. I hear they’re doing it again next year. In Chicago. You should look into it.


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