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Fun with Subdomains…

Over the last few days I’ve been making some changes to by site plans…  I had mentioned before that I have been considering porting over to  another service.  That service is WordPress, and the reasons may seem silly, but they made sense at the time that I started everything: compatibility, publicity & maintenance.

WordPress has struck me as more “Forward Thinking” in developing and enabling features than Blogger, from mobile viewing [compatibility] to site feeds through other social media [publicity], and tracking site statistics, comment moderation features [maintenance].  They had “mobile formatting” ahead of Blogger, and they already have site feeds/push notifications for most of the major social networking as built in options.  That said, there are features with Blogger that I like, ones that I am still trying to figure out alternatives for on WordPress.

But here’s the point I wanted to get to… I am planning on getting some business cards printed before going to Worldcon next month… something simple, to have something on hand for networking.  Before I get anything printed, I wanted to  get some tweaks and kinks worked out.  One of the tweaks I’ve been especially wanting to resolve involves pointing my existing domain name to a blog and tying them both together… something a little more sophisticated than blind domain forwarding (which would mask any of the subpages…).  So for the last couple of nights I’ve been tweaking DNS entries and domain forwarding properties, experiencing loads of frustration getting everything figured out – which is to be expected for a first time set-up.  Finally, today (this morning), I had a touch of epiphany and was able to get the situation resolved (even tested on a couple of different platforms)…

So now I have a working subdomain plotted and ID forwarding… go me.

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