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On the Business of Writing…

I’ve been following a series of posts at Charles Stross’ blog lately, where he discusses the business side of the writing life. I found it useful, and the series has given me some insight into areas that I have yet to tread. So, saying that, I am posting links here more for my future reference as well as to share the information.

Post 1 – “Common Misconceptions about Publishing” – General thoughts on the publishing industry (mostly on the structure of the beast)

Post 2 – “How Books are Made” (the physical process of making a book)

Post 3 – “What Authors Sell to Publishers” (or, “how a contract generally works”)

Post 4 – “Territories, Translations and Foreign Rights” (or, “sub-clauses for a overseas contracts”)

Post 5– “Why Books are the Length They Are” – how physical printing issues may impact the appearance or text of a finished manuscript (or, “Nice book, but it’s really long… can we split it in two?”)

Post 6 – (On the subject of cover art)

Post 7 – “Post Mortem” (where he discusses elements of the evolution of the Merchant Princes series, as Book 6 hits store shelves…)

[Edit on 5-7-10 to add:]
Here is a composite post (much like this one)…
And an 8th post, referencing the point of Lifestyle or Job (or, theodds of living off of writing)

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